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Fairy Dust™ Pink Cuphea
Fairy Dust™ Pink Cuphea

Add a Little Whimsy to Your Garden with Fairy Dust™ Pink Cuphea

Cuphea is a welcome addition to the lineup of warm-season annuals and although the flowers of this plant may be small, they more than make up for size in quantity. This low-maintenance annual blooms from late spring until frost without needing deadheading.

If you’re looking for an enchanting addition to fill in the gaps in mixed containers and garden plantings you may want to consider giving Fairy Dust™ Pink Cuphea a try. With features similar to Diamond Frost® euphorbia, this new cuphea produces a cloud of soft, pink blooms nuzzled atop wispy, green foliage. Fairy Dust stands approximately 10 to 16 inches tall with a spread of up to 12 to 18 inches wide. This easy to grow annual is heat and drought tolerant and prefers to be grown in full sun to part shade locations. Fairy dust is the perfect addition to borders and containers or just about anywhere you would like to add a whimsical, upright splash of color. Blooms are also a favorite amongst hummingbirds and butterflies.