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Accent the Season


Add warmth and fresh fragrance to your holidays with Rosemary cones and topiaries.

Cooks know Rosemary as the perfect flavoring for chicken, turkey, pork, lamb or shellfish. Decorators are familiar with Rosemary as a holiday accent that can be used throughout the home for its pleasing and soothing aroma and style. For entertaining, arrange trees around the buffet, on side servers, or as table centerpieces. In the entry, their fresh, crisp fragrance welcomes guests and beckons them inside. With their festive wraps, these tabletop plants add splashes of color and shimmering accents throughout the holiday season.

To care for Rosemary, the most important requirement during the winter months is sunlight. Place in a bright sunny window, and turn the plant so that it gets sun on both sides. The soil in the pot is needs to be well drained. Water it from the top every other day. Water may remain in the saucer to provide humidity for the plant, but do not the let the water touch the bottom of the plant. Adjust the watering schedule if necessary to be sure the soil never dries out.

Keep your Rosemary from freezing at all times, away from drafts and extreme heat. We recommend fertilizing at a regular two-week interval during the winter months with a water-soluble fertilizer such as McDonald Green Leaf.