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The 411 on Petunias

With so many petunias out there, finding your favorites can seem overwhelming. Never fear... we've simplified it for you with answers to all your petunia questions!

  1. How do you prefer your petunias to grow?
    Petunias fall into two categories: Mounding Growth Habit and Trailing/Spreading Growth Habit
  2. TRAILING/SPREADING (cascading growth habit)
    Use as a spiller in containers, window boxes or hanging baskets.

    • Supertunia: great colors, vigorous grower; self-cleaning & no dead heading required
    • Wave: low growing and tolerates heat well
    • Shockwave: smaller flowers and more weather resistant; tolerates heat
    • Easy Wave: fast-growing and blooms early spring to late summer; doesn’t require cutting back
    • Plush: mid-size blooms with show of color all summer long
    • Suncatcher: large flowers in a wide range of colors that bloom repeatedly

    MOUNDING HABIT(grow in a clump)
    Use in the landscape, in containers and in combination planters.

    • Potunia: early spring bloomer in bold colors
    • Sophistica: one-of-a-kind flowers that bloom early spring - late summer

  3. Are you looking for a petunia to plant in the landscape or to fill a garden bed?
    We recommend Vista Supertunias or the original Wave petunias for this use. They are vigorous growers and will trail and cascade.
  4. Are you looking for smaller flowers?
    Shockwave petunias are the best choice. They are less sensitive to high light demands and are the earliest of the Wave petunias to bloom.
  5. Love Wave petunias, but do they get too big for you?
    Easy Wave is a great choice for this instance.
  6. Are you looking to create a solid color, petunia only display?
    Create an eye catching display by using Potunias. These are made specifically for containers. They are not as happy planted in the garden and they will not spread like a Wave petunia, making them ideal for containers.
  7. Do you want to create a combination planter using petunias?
    Supertunias are ideal as they will weave in and out with other plants to create a great combo. We recommend not using Vista petunias, they don't play well with their neighbors and need their own place to expand and grow.
  8. What petunias are best for hanging baskets?
    Supertunias and Wave varieties are great for this as they have a cascading growth habit.
  9. Are you looking for cool and trendy colors?
    • Sophistica Lime Green offers a solid, saturated color with no veining or fading.
    • Sun Spun Purple Star has a unique bicolor look with purple and white stripes.
    • White Russian is a unique color, kind of a love it or hate thing!
    • We also really love Suncatcher Vintage Rose which gives a ruffled antiqued heirloom look.
  10. Where are you planning on planting petunias?
    For the most part, all petunias are sun loving annuals. They will perform best in the sunshine!
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