Susan Marie Rhodes

Landscape Designer

Literally, leaves a lasting impression - her landscape will be with you all four seasons of the year!

BACKGROUND: 25 years of landscape design experience gives Susan an edge when it comes to designing. She's a Virginia Certified Horticulturist, with a degree in botany and takes advantage of her vast experience to create all types of landscapes. From bay-scaping a beach cottage, to a historical renovation, or a simplistic flagstone patio, Susan devotes her personal touch and attention to every phrase of your landscape from start to finish.

WHEN I'M NOT WORKING, YOU CAN FIND ME: You can find me horseback riding, playing polo or sailing on the Elizabeth River, and cooking for family and friends.

GARDENING ADVICE: Many customers only come to the garden center during spring and fall and buy only what's blooming. Come to the garden center every month throughout the year. A shrub, perennial or tree is always in bloom in this region every month - that way your garden will be filled with seasonal color all year long.

FAVORITE PLANTS: Any plant or tree that gives life-long substance whether food, beauty or shade.