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North Carolina

Currituck, the furthest northern point on the Outer Banks, is known for its beautiful, natural landscape, 17 unique pristine beaches, four-wheel drive beach and legendary wild roaming Spanish Mustangs. Visitors should be prepared to spend ample time enjoying the endless outdoor activities including kayaking, swimming, fishing, biking, hiking and much more. The name “Currituck” originated from an Indian word meaning “Land of the Wild Goose.”

The Currituck Beach Lighthouse is built of red brick and stands 158 feet tall. There are nearly one million bricks in the tower and 214 steps up the spiral staircase. Its light, a first order Fresnel lens, began flashing in 1875, as the last beacon built to highlight the North Carolina Coast. The beam is visible for 18 miles and illuminates the water stretching between Cape Henry, Virginia, and Bodie Island, North Carolina. Many ships were marooned by the low-lying shoreline located along this stretch.

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