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Hampton, Virginia

The Chamberlin, located within one of the nation’s most historic former military bases, Fort Monroe, was built in 1927 not far from the site of an earlier hotel, The Hygeia, which once welcomed many important visitors, including Edgar Allen Poe. After serving briefly as a hospital during the Civil War, The Hygeia was torn down. A new hotel built in its place was destroyed by fire in 1920, and soon after, the Chamberlin emerged nearby as a grand new hotel. In 2008, The Chamberlin was converted into a premier waterfront retirement community, enticing residents with the same panoramic views that have welcomed guests for nearly 200 years.

Fort Monroe’s iconic bandstand, located near The Chamberlin, has been the focal point of entertainment and social gatherings for 80 years. Erected by Army Captain, Harrington W. Cochran in 1934, its inaugural performance was held on April 7, 1934, given by the 2nd Coast Artillery Band. The bandstand continues to serve Fort Monroe to this day as a focal point for social gatherings, celebrations and weddings.

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