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35th Annual Crepe Myrtle Fest, McDonald Garden Center
Saturday-Sunday • July 15-16, 2017
Year-Round Locations: Hampton • Virginia Beach • Chesapeake & Select Market Locations

Saturated vibrant color with enough sweet, Southern charm to soak a buttermilk biscuit, this year’s Crepe Myrtle Fest is sure to promote the nobility and refinement that have kept this annual sale one of McDonald Garden Center’s most anticipated events of the year. The crepe myrtle, also called the ‘tree of a hundred days,’ produces vivid, abiding blooms that blush the Hampton Roads area with a burst of color.

Come join fellow myrtle maniacs July 15-16, from 9am-6pm, at all of the McDonald Garden Center year-round locations (Chesapeake, Virginia Beach, Hampton year-round locations & select Garden Markets) to take advantage of myrtle markdowns.

Collect Myrtle Money Mother’s Day, May 14th, through July 14th, at any McDonald location to redeem at the Crepe Myrtle Fest on July 15-16, for up to 50% off throughout the store. (For every $10 spent, you'll receive $1 of Myrtle Money.)