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Mini Gardens. BIG Impact.

Make a BIG impact with small gardens. Mini gardening possibilities are endless and it's so fun adding accessories to jazz them up for the holidays. There are so many ways to garden small including terrariums, glass orbs, fairy gardens, dish gardens, succulent gardens and even hanging string gardens. Also, try re-purposing items from your home such as jars, drawers, and old dishes. Get creative and get miniature!

Step 1: Choose a Location
Choose a spot for your garden, indoors or out. If you choose an outdoor location, look for a nook or cranny to offer a protected spot in the landscape. You may choose to create an indoor garden in a flower pot, terracotta saucer, bowl or vase. The possibilities are endless, any container can be transformed into an enchanted garden.

Step 2: Construct the Garden
Let your imagination run free when creating your mini garden. Try incorporating ponds, walkways, and even a garden border. You may find it useful to segment an area for your mini gardens with garden borders, miniature fencing or river rock. During construction, you can add rolling hills to your garden with moss and other plant material.

Step 3: Add Plants
Any type of small plant can easily be incorporated into your gardens. Once you have decided where your garden will be located, indoor or outdoor, you can start identifying plants for your creation. Be sure to pair plants with similar growing conditions (i.e., shade or sun, waterwise, etc). For outdoor gardens, use hardy plants. We recommend small conifers like mugo pine, deadora cedar, or dwarf Hinoki cypress. Other choices include tiny boxwoods, elm trees and Japanese maples. To create a groundcover, we recommend creeping thyme, corsican mint, or small-leaved sedums like Makinoi Ogon. For indoor gardens, there are many possibilities. You can choose from a wide selection of mini foliage plants like ferns and ivy. Also, try a small cactus and tiny succulents. To add colorful blooms, use mini flowering plants like roses, kalanchoe, euphorbia, African violets, bromeliads or orchids.

Step 4: Accessorize
Embellish your mini garden with houses, benches, tiny wheelbarrows, furniture or any other accessories. Visit any McDonald Garden Center to find everything you need from containers to tiny plants and accessories, and let your imagination go wild!

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Gardens In Glass


Give a growing gift this season! With Christmas just around the corner, finding the perfect gift for the perfect someone can be challenging. Why not consider one of these unique gardening gifts. Terrariums, dish gardens and even hanging glass orbs bring a fresh accent to any décor and these versatile minis can be placed anywhere. Mini gardens are a wonderful way to display plants indoors, and decorating with plants adds life to any room and brings a sense of warmth to any home.

These versatile miniatures are easy to create using any clear container. Jars, bottles, vases and aquariums are some of the more commonly used containers. However, you can use a terrarium jar, cloche or any open vessel. Just be sure to choose something that is large enough to accommodate the plants that you want to use and that the container is transparent for easy viewing and will allow sunlight to penetrate. Adorn your mini garden with houses, benches, miniature wheelbarrows, furniture or any other petite accessory. Or embellish with a few holiday accents for a festive feel. The skies the limit, so let your imagination run free! We offer a wide selection of unique glass containers and accessories for just about any theme or indoor space you can think of. Stop in for some unique ideas for that special someone on your list this holiday season.

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