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Our Favorite Rose Gloves

Don’t Harm Your Hands

Hestra Rose gloves help protect your hands and arms when working with roses. The long cuff that comes just below your elbow is made from goatskin leather, that not only protects your hands and arms, but has natural oils that make your hands feel great after working in them. A handy wrist cinch will ensure the gloves don’t slip when working.

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How to Plant a Terrarium

Mike Westphal, McDonald Garden Center's Garden Guru, gives an easy step-by-step how-to on planting a terrarium. This particular terrarium is beach-themed, with succulents and air plants.

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Pruning 101

A comprehensive guide to pruning from McDonald Garden Center's Mike Westphal that includes what tools are essential as well as how to prune crepe myrtles, shrub roses, and long stem roses.

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