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We're Batty for This Plant


Bat Plant, also known as Tacca, is a tropical perennial with a very interesting bat-like flower. This black, bat-shaped flower also shows long “whiskers” that droop downward. They thrive in shady spaces with good air circulation. They can be a bit tricky to care for, but here's a few tips from our houseplant experts to make it easy.

  • Taccas like lots of water ~ so be sure to water everyday and to water well enough to saturate the entire root ball. If one watering is not keeping up with your plants requirements, be sure to replant in a larger container. After your plant roots into the new container, you will be able to reduce the waterings. We recommend you place a saucer under the container that holds a small amount of water allowing it to get water as needed.
  • If Tacca plants dry out they will wilt, but can recover after a thorough watering. However, drying out the bat plant will make the flower die sooner. After drying out, you will notice some lower leaves yellowing. Do not worry, the plant is not dying, it's simply trying to survive by shedding older leaves.
  • Tacca as a normal growth habit will shed lower leaves every 3-4 weeks in the warmer months similar to palm trees. Simply remove the yellowing leaves.
  • They like heavily shaded areas of the garden or patio, preferably shaded from the wind. Wind will cause the flower to dry up faster. They will also perform well inside the house where they receive diffused light for several hours a day.
  • Tacca will benefit from a light dose of soluble fertilizer such as 20-20-20 once a month. Do not allow Tacca to dry out after fertilizing as you will end up with burnt leaves.

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