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Groundcovers. We've got you covered.

Having trouble getting a lawn established under trees or in hard to grow areas? We've got you covered! Groundcovers are a great solution. They are perfect for covering large areas to add space for recreation as well as providing beauty. These dependable, low-growing plants spread to cover large areas. Groundcovers come in all shades of green and some produce flowers in different seasons. And, some even perform other duties like preventing erosion. Here's are a few of our top picks:


Ajuga reptens - a beautiful choice for any shady area. This evergreen is a moderate spreader with beautiful burgundy foliage. In the spring it produces small erect purple flowers.

Pachysandra terminalis - a fast growing evergreen groundcover, also for shady areas that produces tiny white flowers in the spring.

Pachysandra procumbens - a moderate to fast growing and a true representation of a groundcover, as it attains a height of around 6 inches and spreads in a carpet-like manner. For many people, this strong little groundcover is evergreen once it is established.


Hens-and-Chicks - makes a great groundcover in tight spaces, such as between paving stones. These succulents are also a beautiful textured focal point in a sunny garden. They're easy to grow, and are virtually maintenance free.

Sedum Angelina – is a moderate growing groundcover with fleshy green/yellow leaves in the spring and summer and fiery orange/red foliage in the fall and winter... a year-round beauty!

Mondo Grass - available in many varieties from shades of green, to variegated and even black. This easy to grow plant thrives in full to part sun. It is great as a border for sidewalks and driveways.

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