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Proven Plants from Proven Winners

It’s time to get your garden growing! Take your pick from these proven performers.

Sweet Potato Vine
This great foliage plant in chartreuse is the perfect addition to combinations. It has excellent heat tolerance and is a vigorous grower. This trailing plant tolerates full to part sun.

Lemon Slice Million Bells
Looking like little Petunias, the unique bicolor pattern of white and bright yellow make these million bells a sunny choice for your containers. Covered with hundreds of flowers in yellow and white from early spring all the way through those first light frosts. With long, trailing branches these blooms cascade over the sides of hanging baskets and other containers, and spread over flower beds. Plant in full sun and tolerates the heat well.

Bermuda Beach Petunias
This salmon, coral petunia will make you think of the beaches in Bermuda. With tons of blooms this low maintenance beauty will be the star in any container or hanging basket. Attracting butterflies and hummingbirds, this bloom is a must have.

Blue Sky Lobelia
Soft blue flowers will bloom all season. This annual offers cascading, well-branched plants and is the perfect trailer in a combination planter or hanging basket. A great summer performer and wow maintenance these blues will make you happy.

Pomegranate Punch Million Bells
This million bell offers rich deep red blooms with a black-red center. It offers a long blooming season and it is a continuous bloomer offering color all season long. The bold, bright color of this mounding plant never fades. It is a winner for both baskets and beds.

Bloomerang Lilac
This reblooming lilac blooms from spring and again from mid-summer to frost. With its small growth habit it fits into any garden. Super fragrant, this is a great shrub for cutting. Best of all it is deer resistant and attracts butterflies.

Royale Chambray Verbena
Just like the light blue fabric, this verbena is a beautiful color and offers scent. As a superbena, is a vigorous, heat tolerant, and mildew tolerant beauty. Great in containers this Verbena is also fantastic in landscape beds. While naturally well branched, trimming them back will encourage additional branching, fuller plants, and ultimately more flowers.

Royale Iced Cherry Verbena
In all shades of bright cherry pink, this Superbena is a vigorous, heat tolerant, and mildew tolerant beauty. Great in containers this Verbena is also fantastic in landscape beds. While naturally well branched, trimming them back will encourage additional branching, fuller plants, and ultimately more flowers.

Images provided by Proven Winners

Classic Color that Reblooms


Azaleas are the quintessential southern flower. Speckled along the foundation of houses, in beds marked with pine trees and magnolias, these classics are a staple in the garden. But, did you know that all azaleas are not created equal? We love reblooming azaleas because as the name implies they flower for up to FIVE months... much more than the traditional azaleas.

You'll definitely want to make room for the our new Proven Winner variety, the Bloom-a-Thon Pink Double Azalea. This rebloomer boasts large, double flowers that appear in April, then rebloom in early July, and continue through fall until hard frost. This medium-sized evergreen shrub will grow between 42 - 54 Inches. For best performance, we recommend planting it in shade to part shade in moist, well-drained soil that is slightly acidic. The high summer temperatures won’t stop this great shrub from producing loads of late summer and fall flowers.

Plant in borders, woodland gardens or in containers. We love pairing azaleas with Crepe Myrtles and Magnolias for a classic southern look. Or, pair with other evergreen shrubs to create a hedge. You can also plant azaleas in containers for a stunning thriller plant. This enchantress of an azalea will charm your garden with months of colorful flowers!

Love at First Blush


With June being peak wedding season, we thought it fitting to showcase the Blushing Bride Hydrangea. Endless Summer® Blushing Bride will add life and love to your garden and home virtually all summer long. Reliably blooming on both old and new growth, you can experience the beauty of Blushing Bride again and again, all summer long. This garden standout boasts pure white mopheads of showy, semi-double florets that gradually mature to a sweet, subtle pink. The brilliant blooms are showcased against the stunning foliage in deep, dark green. Strong stems and branches keep the plant sturdy and upright in the garden, and make the flowers perfect for cutting.

Blushing Bride is very forgiving and will not suffer if left unpruned, or if it's pruned at the wrong time. In fact, young, recently planted shrubs are best left alone. Unlike other Hydrangeas, your Endless Summer varieties will bloom on both old and new wood. Its ability to rebloom all summer long make this a favorite among Hampton Roads gardeners. These shrubs make an excellent wedding present or anniversary gift.

TIP: To encourage reblooming, remove spent flowers. Because Blushing Bride blooms on new growth, you don’t have to wait until the next season to see baskets full of new blooms.


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