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Little Plants, BIG Impact!


It's time to plant those warm weather annuals we've all been waiting for! Annual packs are the easiest way to instant add color to containers and flowerbeds. And, with ith four plants in one pack, this is surely an economical way to landscape large spaces. There are a multitude of options when choosing annual pack color.

These plants need six to eight hours of direct sunlight each day. Remember that with all the sunshine these plants will require water often. We recommend watering these every other day. Soak thoroughly until water runs from drainage holes.

  • Dianthus - grass-like foliage and star shaped blooms in pink, red and white.
  • Verbena - the perfect plant to spill over a container in a combination with large clusters of flowers.
  • Petunias - trumpet shaped flowers and branching foliage are easy to grow.
  • Marigolds - Ruffly orange yellow blooms all through the summer. Perfect companion plant for edibles to keep the pests away.
  • Begonias - The fancy leaf of the bronze leaf begonia if perfect for bright sun with blooms in red, pink and white.
  • Salvia - Spikes with loads of small densely packed flowers. Easy to care for with aromatic foliage.
  • Celosia - Eye catching blooms in a flame shape offer bold summer color. Celosia loves the sun and the heat.
  • Portulaca - Heat and drought tolerant make this is a winner in the garden. Beautiful double blooms sit atop the needle-shaped foliage.
  • Zinnias - Daisy like flowers on a single stem love the heat of summer. Perfect for a cutting garden.

These plants need less than 4 hours of direct sun. They should also be planted to avoid hot, afternoon sun. We recommend watering every other day. Soak thoroughly until water runs from drainage holes.

  • Coleus - Fancy and colorful foliage in shades of pink, green, yellow, red and maroon.
  • Impatiens - Excellent bedding plant that thrives in shade. Bright colored blooms in orange, pink, white and purple.
  • Dusty Miller - Silvery white foliage that pairs with just about everything. Easy to grow and easy to love.
  • Polka Dot Plants - This little plant packs a punch when paired with other plants. The standout polka dot pattern in either white or pink makes the leaves of this plant a showcase.
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A "PUNCH" of Color

NEW Pomegranate Punch Million Bells

Easy to grow and easy to love. This bold new million bell will take center stage in your garden this spring and summer. With rich, velvety red flowers and a black eye this constant bloomer is a star performer. Million bells create endless possibilities in the landscape and containers. Plant this bold annual in full sun and enjoy it's rich velvety red flowers with a black eye. The plants are low-maintenance with no deadheading needed. They will do best if fertilized in a regular basis. With superb color, heat tolerance and disease resistance, this one will put on quite a show all summer long!

As the season goes on the plants can sometimes just start to look open and not as good. This can happen even if they are being watered and fertilized correctly. Fortunately this is very simple to fix. Grab a sharp pair of scissors or pruning shears and give the plants an all over trim. This will cause them to branch out more and should stimulate new growth and flowering, especially if you fertilize right after trimming them back. Just like your hair looks a lot better after a trim, your plants often will too. You will sacrifice flowers for a few days, but the plants should come back flowering more than ever shortly.Trim back in late July or early August to extend them into early fall.

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Petunia Palooza


This springtime favorite has gone crazy. In celebration of Petunia Party we have searched far and wide for some of the craziest ‘tunias around. Check out what we have before they are gone.

FLAMINGO - Soft pink flowers with deep rose veining. This fast-growing, cascading beauty is the perfect choice for containers.

HEAVENLY BLUE - Bright, color-drenched shades of lavender-blue, varying from deep violet to lighter lilac. The petals are wonderfully wavy.

BLUERIFIC - Vibrant blues and purple, give these one-of-a kind blooms shades of color all summer long. A mounding/spreading habit makes it perfect in containers or in the landscape.

BANANA - Creamy white trumpet-shaped flowers with yellow center at the ends of the stems, makes this spreading petunia a-peeling.

POPCORN -Creamy white trumpet-shaped flowers with a buttery yellow throat. This mounding petunia is the perfect choice for containers and hanging baskets.

PINK LEMONADE - Pink blooms with a pop of yellow in the center. This trailing petunia is just the thing for patio containers, window boxes, hanging baskets or planted in the landscape.

CRAZYTUNIA TERRACOTTA - Unique yellow, bronze and pink bi-color blooms, this petunia has an upright, mounding habit

CRAZYTUNIA KNIGHTRIDER - Bright yellow trumpet-shaped blooms with a splash of dark purple. Knightrider has a mounding growth habit and flowers continuously throughout the summer

CRAZYTUNIA CHERRY CHEESECAKE - White petunias with red stripes makes this a standout in the garden. With a mounding habit this flamboyant petunia truly makes a statement in a container.

CHA-CHING CHERRY - Bright jewel tones of deep red outline a central star that appears pale pink or white from a distance. The blooms crowd along mounded, compact plants that burst forth from baskets, planters, and window boxes.

CRAZYTUNIA BITTER LEMON - Lemon yellow blooms with green foliage make this a garden treat. The mounding habit of this petunia makes it perfect

PEPPY LAVENDER SHADES - Striking purple-lavender and white striped flowers bloom continuously against deep green foliage. With a vigorous, trailing growth habit they are great in mixed containers.

SILVERBERRY - Silvery pink petunias with a vigorous, mounding habit are perfect in the landscape, blooms all season, and are low maintenance.

RASPBERRY BLAST - Bubblegum pink blooms edged in deep cerise violet will make you say 'Wow'. Its trailing habit and low maintenance makes it a winner for both baskets and beds.

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