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Plant of the Week: Sedum Angelina

Do you have a garden spot that is sunny, hot and dry with poor or rocky soil? Well we’ve got just plant for you - sedums! Sedums are a gardener's dream. These flowering perennials thrive in alkaline soil and full sun and require minimal maintenance, and best of all they do not require a great deal of watering. Sedums are characteristically low, spreading plants often used as ground covers, in rock gardens, or in containers mixed with other succulents or plants. Colors range from bright green to vibrant pink to silver and blue. Many varieties are evergreen, but some will lose their leaves during winter and sprout again in summer. So, if you’re looking for a beautiful plant that thrives with near neglect, a sedum just might fit what you’re looking for! Here is one of the best performers:

Sedum 'Angelina' – is covered in stunning yellow, star-shaped flowers from early to mid summer. In fall, needle-like foliage tips take on a reddish-orange hue. This vigorous perennial is easy to grow and reaches 3 to 6 inches in height. Perfect as a groundcover, in borders, or spilling over rock walls and the edges of containers. It also makes an excellent accent for plants with dark foliage. Angelina is heat and drought-tolerant and does best in full sun, although it will tolerate some light shade.

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