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Gifts from the Greenhouse

Christmas is just days away and it’s no secret that plants and flowers are a big part of the season. There are so many plants that spark thoughts of the holidays like the poinsettia, cyclamen, rosemary and many more. Think outside the box this year and give a living gift to make their Christmas merry and bright! Here's a few of our favorite holiday plants guaranteed to please...

Hydrangeas - Hydrangeas aren't just for outdoors in the spring and summer. Use them indoors during the cool winter months and then plant outside to enjoy year after year. Choose from traditional hydrangeas and our Shooting Star variety.

Poinsettias - Nowadays, this holiday classic is popping up in all sorts of nontraditional colors – in shades of pink, peach, yellow, and even chartreuse. Or, try one of McDonald’s painted poinsettias that are hand-painted and glittered in a rainbow of colors. Many even have large, double, or uniquely shaped blooms and come in all shapes and sizes.

Cyclamen - This cool weather bloomer comes in shades of pink, lavender, deep purple, white, or red. Cyclamen add fantastic color throughout the holidays and into the winter.

Norfolk Island Pine - This little beauty with soft needles, distinctive flat branches and a naturally symmetrical shape is a popular choice for indoors. The small and medium size varieties of the Norfolk Island pine are often used as accent trees during the holidays and make a great tabletop tree for offices, apartments or anywhere space is limited.

Citrus - Give an “a-peeling” gift this season! The fragrance of the flowers, the bright colors of the fruit and the glossy foliage make this a great plant to give. Keep indoors during winter, and once it warms up, these beauties love to vacation outdoors.

Hellebores - Hellebores offer beautiful blooms in the garden through winter and early spring. This intriguing perennial is surely the star of a winter landscape. Sometimes called the Christmas Rose or Lenten Rose, these interesting flowers will bloom through the dreary days of winter.

Rosemary Cones & Topiaries - This perennial evergreen features fragrant, needle-like leaves in silvery gray green. Rosemary is hardy and easy to grow and is also very useful. Among its many uses, it's prized in the culinary world for its flavorful leaves. It also has a lovely fragrance and pretty, petite blue flowers in spring. Potted rosemary trimmed into a topiary looks elegant in the kitchen or any other room during the winter and provides herbs for cooking.

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