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Kelos® Fire Celosia
Kelos® Fire Celosia, Orange
Kelos® Fire Celosia, Yellow

Sun-sational Celosia, Featuring Kelos® Fire Celosia

The stunning colors and striking shapes of celosia flowers offer great versatility in the garden. This tender annual remains fearless in the heat of the summer sun and produces an abundance of blooms in dazzling red, yellow, cream, orange, rose, deep magenta, and pink. It will grow in most any type of soil - even heavy clay - as long as they are in full sun. Celosia is available in three different types plumes, crests, or spikes; simply described as plumes of jewel-colored feathers, wrinkly-looking knobs, or elongated cones. Use in borders along with other low maintenance annuals like zinnias, marigolds and gomphrena, or design and entire flowerbed with different varieties, staggering heights and creating a striking rainbow effect with different textures and forms. Their drought tolerance also makes them a good choice in containers.

Kelos® Fire Celosia - Robust, compact foliage combined with vibrant color! Electrifying plumes hold their color through the heat of summer and continue into fall. Great annual color for sunny beds and borders and in containers as a showy accent. Holds its color well during the heat of summer. Plant in full sun.

FUN FACT: The generic name is derived from the Ancient Greek word κήλεος (kḗleos), meaning "burning", and refers to the flame-like flower heads.