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A Holiday Guide to Rosemary

A rose by any other name may smell as sweet, but rosemary has cornered the market on fresh and fragrant. This woody, perennial herb is a popular jolly-time companion to tinsel-strewn trees and twinkling lights. But to experience the full potential of this evergreen wonder, it’s important to know its uses as well as proper care during these colder months.

Health and Wellness Benefits
When we put out our first batch of rosemary trees in the fall, everyone seems to pause when they walk by to take in the amazing aroma they provide. What they may not know is that just smelling rosemary has been linked to improving mood and relieving stress.
Rosemary contains active components that are antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anti-carcinogenic. It has a measured effect against bacterial infections, especially those in the stomach. Stimulating blood flow, rosemary has also been effective in treating migraines. With the added perk of containing anti-aging properties, it’s easy to see why rosemary tops the list of Chef Manu’s favorite cooking herbs.

Proper Care and Maintenance during the Holidays
Traditionally, rosemary is cold hardy (even in Hampton Roads), and they are perfectly happy outside. But with friends and family coming in, you may be tempted to bring your rosemary inside (and with all those aromatic benefits we told you about-why wouldn’t you?) However be aware you should limit the time inside to 5 days or less.
Feel free to continue cutting sprigs off your rosemary all season for cooking. The growth will slow, but you can expect spring temperatures to revitalize this perennial. With normal conditions, it should come back nice and full.
Don’t forget all the amazing décor opportunities with our gorgeous rosemary trees (available in a variety of sizes). One of our favorite decorating hacks this season is using extremely versatile and easy-to-manage Invisilites. Click here for more info.

Whether you’re taking in its alluring aromatics, enjoying its bountiful beauty, or cooking with its exquisite essence, your holiday season is sure to be roseMERRY and bright!