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Gold Collection® Jacob Christmas Rose
Gold Collection® Pink Frost Lenten Rose
Cascade™ Blush Lenten Rose
Winter Jewels® Black Diamond Lenten Rose

Hellebores, The Cure for the Winter Blues

Just when you think the cold, rain, or gloom of winter will never end, up pop hellebores. This hardy perennial, also called the Christmas Rose or Lenten Rose, often times blooms around the Christmas holidays (see the Legend of the Christmas Rose below). This perennial evergreen, features blooms with five petal, cup-shaped flowers. Available in a variety of colors from white to pastel yellow to pink and purple, this intriguing perennial is without a doubt the star of the winter landscape. And, throughout the summer the deep green foliage creates visual depth and interest in the landscape, too. Hellebores can be used in containers, in flower beds or simply tucked under a tree. Or, bring them indoors and display in a vase or simply float flower heads in a bowl of water for a stunning display. Did we mention hellebore are deer resistant?

Gold Collection® Jacob Christmas Rose - characterized by its smooth, dark green foliage with striking, crisp 2 to 3-inch white flowers. This early bloomer flowers from mid-November to January, just in time for the holidays! The flowers mature to a pink and rose color in cool temperatures. In warmer temperatures, they mature to light green.

Gold Collection® Pink Frost Lenten Rose - burgundy stems support leathery leaves with a silver frosting. The flowers are a combination of white, pink, and deep rose tones and are upward facing - unusual for a hellebore. 'Pink Frost' is evergreen, long blooming, and deer resistant too! Makes a superb groundcover and choice perennial for shady borders.

Cascade™ Blush Lenten Rose – features stunning large blooms with deep purple-pink petals that appear from late winter through early spring, Blooms appear atop mounds of deeply lobed, leathery evergreen foliage. Cascade Blush is perfect for naturalizing in shaded borders and woodland gardens.

Winter Jewels® Black Diamond Lenten Rose – dramatic purple to almost black single blossoms atop of clumps of dark green foliage with deep black tones from late winter to spring. Perfect for naturalizing in woodland areas, with excellent resistance to grazing deer and rabbits. Adds drama to shaded beds and borders.

The Legend of the Christmas Rose
According to legend, a young shepherdess named Madelon was tending her sheep one cold and wintry night. As she watched over them, a group of wise men and other shepherds passed by, bearing gifts for the newly born Jesus. Madelon wept, because she had no gifts to bring the Newborn King, not even a simple flower. An angel, upon hearing her weeping, appeared and brushed away the snow to reveal a most beautiful white flower tipped with pink - the Christmas Rose.

Photos provided by Monrovia

Click here for more on hellebores.

Holiday Porch Pacakges
20-inch Wreath or Greeter Door Charm

Holiday Door Decorating in a Snap

Enhance your outdoor spaces this yuletide season with our outdoor porch packages.

When you're getting your home ready for the holidays, often times your indoor decorating take precedents. But once the tree’s all set-up and the inside of your halls has been decked, it’s time to turn your attention to the outside of your home.

Set the holiday scene outdoors in an instant with one of our premium porch packages. We've gathered up some festive decorating components for your front door that are sure to get you and yours in the spirit. Each package features a mixture of fresh greenery that will welcome friends and family at your doorstep with the scents and beauty of winter foliage.

Porch packages are available in two options:

Reindeer Porch Package $34.98 includes:

  • 25-feet white pine roping
  • 10-loop red outdoor bow
  • Greeter Door Charm featuring a mix of noble fir, cedar and cones

Santa Porch Package $49.98 includes:

  • 25-feet white pine roping
  • 20-inch wreath featuring a mix of noble fir and Virginia cedar berries
  • Bow with style

Whatever your preferences are, fresh cut greens can help bring the spirit of the season both inside and out. We offer a wide variety of fresh greens- from the traditional scent of Balsam fir, to the classic look of real holly and berries, our assortment options will help make your decorating project a snap.

Fresh Cut Fraser Fir
Fraser Firs Fresh off the Truck
Beautiful Blue-Green Needles with Great Needle Retention

Fraser Fir, the Tried & True Christmas Tree

"The Christmas tree is a symbol of love, not money. There's a kind of glory to them when they're all lit up that exceeds anything all the money in the world could buy. - Andy Rooney -.

Research* shows that going to get a tree is among the top Christmas experiences people remember as a child. It’s a tradition that can help strengthen family bonds and be shared and passed down for generations.

Most people ponder over this important decision, looking for the perfectly-shaped, fullest, most beautiful tree they can find. But picking out the perfect tree isn't all about looks—the tree's scent, strength of branches, and needle retention all matter, too.

Nowadays, the Fraser Fir has become the standard in Christmas trees. These trees grow to almost perfect shapes and feature attractive blue-green needles with great needle retention (provided the cut tree is kept properly watered). Other features include a delightful, fresh, evergreen scent, and branches that are sturdy enough to hold heavy ornaments. And, because there is space between the branches, the Fraser is easier to decorate than some other trees.

Having been in the fresh cut Christmas tree business for more many, many decades, we know a thing or two about fresh cut trees. Our buyers work with reputable suppliers to ensure that we can provide the very best trees to our customers. And, we offer a host of complimentary services to help make your tree shopping experience as easy as possible. Here are some of the free services we offer with our fresh cut Fraser Fir trees:

  • All Fraser Fir Trees are Pre-drilled.
  • This allows for easy setup with a Stand Strait stand. (You may use another type of stand if you don’t have a Stand Strait).

  • All Trees Get a Fresh Cut at the Bottom of the Trunk.
  • Once the trees are harvested, sap covers the area where the tree was cut. Making a cut on the bottom of the stump allows for the uptake of water once you set it in a stand. If you take it home and are not ready to put it in a stand right away, simply place your tree in a bucket of water to ensure it continues to take up water until it’s placed in the stand.

  • Branch Trimming.
  • Our staff will trim any branches making it easier to get your tree into the stand or just to give it that perfect look.

  • All Trees are Put on the “Shaker”.
  • This helps to dislodge most of the loose needles or any other debris that may be in the tree from the growing environment.

  • All Trees are Baled.
  • This makes loading and carrying your tree into your home easier. Once your tree is set up in the stand, simply cut off the baling material.

  • We Load.
  • Our staff will load your tree in your vehicle for you.

+Delivery service is available for a fee.

So, bring the sights and smells of the holiday season into your home and make memories that will last a lifetime with a beautiful, fresh-cut Fraser Fir tree.

Click here for tips on how to keep your fresh cut tree in tip-top shape.

*Based on an online survey conducted by the CTPB in September of 2019 of 2,000 parents with children age 0-17