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Ebony & Ivory Crepe Myrtle
Ebony & Ivory Crepe Myrtle
Ebony & Ivory Crepe Myrtle

Ebony & Ivory Crepe Myrtle

Hampton Road’s love affair with crepe myrtles is undeniable. Few plants can match their combination of stunning summer flowers, vibrant autumn foliage, and unique and beautiful exfoliating bark.

If you're looking for a truly unique crepe myrtle then look no further! Ebony & Ivory features clusters of pure, white blooms with yellow eyes that pop against its intense, dark purple almost ebony foliage. This upright grower blooms summer into fall and reaches a mature size of 10 to 12 feet tall and 8 feet wide. Ebony & Ivory makes and excellent accent plant in the landscape and rest assured - Ebony & Ivory is disease resistant and drought tolerant.

Canna Cannova, Bronze Scarlet
Canna Cannova, Bronze Orange
Canna Cannova, Rose
Canna Cannova, Mango

Canna Cannova Series for a Tropical State of Mind

The Canna Cannova Series separates itself from almost every other canna on the market. These easy-care, tropical bulbs are prized for their super-sized leaves in bright green, bronze, black, or variegated. Cannova has a compact, bushy habit and the ability to form multiple shoots. They bloom earlier and continue nonstop from summer until the first frost. Flowers come in shades of red, rose, yellow, scarlet, lemon, and mango and are available in standard forms that can grow 5 feet tall and dwarfs that grow just 2 feet tall. With their height and exotic coloring, these canna lilies are stunning speckled along borders or planted in mass in the landscape. They can also be grown as flowering thrillers paired with other vigorous annuals in combination containers. Cannas are sun-loving, tropical plants that thrive in hot, humid conditions – a perfect fit for Hampton Roads. Here are a few of the color offerings that will grace your garden from summer until fall.

Cannova Bronze Scarlet (one of our best sellers in 2017) - a profusion of scarlet-red blooms framed by deep bronze-colored leaves. Bronze Scarlet makes a gorgeous backdrop in the landscape or as a focal point in containers on a patio, porch or pool deck. Blooms summer to fall and flourishes in hot, humid climates and full sun locations.

Cannova Bronze Orange - features an abundance of showy bronze-orange flowers surrounded in bronze-colored foliage. It’s compact, upright habit makes it ideal for sunny landscapes, flowering borders or in mixed containers. Prefers full sun.

Cannova Mango - a tropical treat that produces sweet shades of salmon and mango blooms with lush, green foliage. Mango infuses breathtaking color from summer until fall and is ideal in the landscape or in containers. Its height and texture make it a perfect fit in perennial borders. Loves the heat and full sun locations.

Cannova Red - striking red canna lily flowers above large, deep green foliage. Enjoy these sultry blooms from early summer until the first frost in fall. With an upright growth habit, it is best suited for use as a 'thriller' in the 'spiller-thriller-filler' container combination; plant it near the center of the pot, surrounded by smaller plants and those that spill over the edges. Hummingbirds love Cannova Red and will feast from the nectar-rich flowers all season long. Prefers a bright, sunny location in full sun.

Cannova Rose - stunning rose-colored blooms atop of rich, green leaves featuring a dwarf form ideal for mass plantings, in beds, and borders. Creates a stunning focal point when planted in pots on a patio and terrace. Like other cannas, Cannova Rose is extremely heat tolerant and thrives in both heat and humidity.

Blue My Mind® Dwarf Morning Glory
Blue My Mind® Dwarf Morning Glory

Blue My Mind® Dwarf Morning Glory

The dwarf morning glory is a customary bedding plant that is ideal for massing, edging, hanging baskets, or containers. The bushy, slightly trailing mound blooms abundantly in summer with striking 1 to 2-inch-wide flowers in a carnival of colors including royal blue, red, pink, or white.

Proven Winners Blue My Mind™ loves hot weather, in fact, the hotter the better! This dwarf morning glory produces a nonstop wave of ocean-blue flowers over a mound of blue-green foliage. Blue My Mind™ has a mounded, trailing habit, reaching 6 to 12 inches high and trailing as much as 24 inches, making it perfect for hanging baskets, as a ″spiller″ in a container planting, or as a groundcover. Performs best in full sun.

Coneflower PowWow® Wild Berry

Unbeatable Flower Power - Coneflower PowWow® Wild Berry

Acclaimed for their cheery, brightly colored flowers, coneflowers (echinacea) are a mainstay in summer garden. These long-blooming perennials are easy to grow and maintain, and make a great addition to any landscape or mixed container. Their long sturdy stems rise above the compact foliage, making them an excellent choice for cut flowers. Coneflowers are time-honored perennial that makes a classic addition to just about any garden style.

Coneflower PowWow® Wild Berry is absolutely unbeatable for flower power! Featuring large daisy-like flowers with magenta-pink petals surrounding an orange-brown central cone that flowers from early summer right into fall. And, it doesn't need to be deadheaded to set new buds, so the flowers just keep coming! This award-winning bloomer stays compact, so you can grow it in a container or squeeze it into a crowded, sunny border. This no-fuss perennial tolerates poor soil, heat, humidity, and even drought, once established. Like most other echinacea, PowWow® Wild Berry attracts butterflies and bees in summer and birds to the seed-filled cones in autumn and winter.