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Plant of the Week:


As you fall into the autumn season, consider giving your home the warm seasonal color of Pelee mums. Updating your rooms with color is a quick and easy way to embrace this time of year, and will put you in the mood to enjoy all the bounties the fall months have to offer! Houseplants not only infuse the indoors with the fiery hues of autumn, but they can create a sense of coziness. The Pelee mum is one of our favorite fall plants that will bring the dazzling beauty of the outdoors inside your home.

'Pelee' is a garden mum which bears single flowers in russet-red. The name is derived from the warmth of the colors that come from their reflection of Pele, the Hawaiian volcano goddess; and hot glowing volcanic lava. The Pelee flower is very large with a dark middle. The brilliance of this mum will compliment any autumnal display.

Get This Look!


Adorn your pumpkins with a little bit of nature. Take a walk outside and find autumn inspiration nearly everywhere. With just a few clippings from your garden, you can transform ordinary pumpkins into a nature-inspired masterpiece.

What You'll Need:

  • Faux or Live Pumpkins in any color or size
  • Fine-leaf ferns, boxwood or other foliage
  • Pansies or Violas
  • Dusty Miller
  • Spray Adhesive
  • Modpodge
  1. Choose pumpkins you'd like to embellish.
  2. Collect a selection of cuttings. We recommend using fine foliage as it adheres to the pumpkin easily.
  3. Spray the back of your botanicals and working quickly arrange on pumpkin.
  4. Add several layers of modpodge over the botanicals and pumpkin letting each layer dry in between.
  5. Place your finished creation in an undisturbed location to let dry overnight.
  6. Scatter these beautifully embellished pumpkins throughout your home or even wire to a wreath and enjoy!
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It's Root-amentary

Fall is a great time to plant.

Did you know fall is a great time to plant? Cool weather provides ideal growing conditions for new plants. By planting now, roots have time to become established without the stress of summer’s heat.

With the cooler temperatures and increased rainfall, the time from fall to spring will help the plant’s roots become better established. The soil is still warm in the fall and allows roots to grow until the ground freezes. (With mild weather, roots may even continue to grow throughout the winter.) If the same plant is put in the ground in the spring, it gets a slower start because soils are cooler. If planted in the summer, it may become extremely stressed due to heat, drought and an insufficient root system.

Now's the perfect time to plant some of these favorite trees & shrubs:

• Camellias
• Encore Azaleas
• Purple Leaf Plum Trees
• Dogwoods
• Indian Hawthorns
• Maples
• Boxwoods
• Holly
• Knock Out Roses
• Fruit Trees
• Arborvitae
• Gardenias
• Crepe Myrtles
• Nandinas
• Palms

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Think PINK


October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, an annual initiative to increase awareness for the disease. While most people are aware of breast cancer, many forget to take the steps to detect the disease in its early stages and encourage others to do the same. Join us tomorrow, Saturday, October 18 for our annual PINK DAY event at all locations. We'll have the Sentara Pink Kiosk on hand and we'll donate 15% from select pink plant and pumpkin purchases to Sentara Cancer Network. So come check out all the pink possibilities for your autumn garden!

Here are just a few of our favorite PINK plants for fall:

Pink Shi-Shi Camellia - Sometimes called Shi-Shi Gashira, this pink, flowering evergreen shrub has a low, spreading form and slow grow habit. Shi-Shi’s main attraction is its flowering. Each October, this camellia will bloom beautiful pink flowers that last through December.

Pink Encore Azaleas - These easy-care shrubs offer three seasons of blooms and are ideal in any garden setting. The pink blooming Autumn Empress has rich, dark green leaves that provide the perfect backdrop for the pink semi-double flowers. Its upright habit makes it a nice focal point in any garden setting.

Pink Pansies - These charming and easy to care for annuals hav always been a cool season favorite. You may still have some pansies from last spring in your garden beds. Look around and see if they are perking up for fall. With color choices that span the rainbow, pansies bloom in white, yellow, purple, blue and yes, of course PINK!

Pink Mums - These divas of the garden are a must-have for fall. No other fall flower delivers as much color for as long as good old mums. With their tight, mounded habit and stunning bloom cover mums are perfect for mass plantings & work exceptionally well in container plantings and pots.

Join us Saturday, October 18th for PINK DAY >>

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Plant of the Week:


Think there’s no such thing as a perfect lady, well think again. Perfect Lady daffodil offers crisp white petals with a contrasting coral-pink cup making this gal a must-have in every garden! This hardy, mid-spring bloomer offers sun-proof color with no fade blooms that last two weeks or more. Perfect Lady does well in any shady or sunny spot and its uses in the landscape are endless. Fall is the time to plant these bulbs in beds, rock gardens, naturalized in the landscape or even in containers. Come spring, this pretty little lady is guaranteed to add a splash of spring color to your garden!

Bulb Planting Tips:

  1. Soil - Bulbs are one of the most forgiving plants avaialble and daffodils will grow almost anywhere.
  2. Light - Morning sun or partial shade is ideal but again bulbs are forgiving and daffodils will grow almost anywhere.
  3. Depth - The rule of thumb is to plant bulbs about 3 times as deep as it is wide, so for daffodils we recommend about 8 inches deep.
  4. Water - Thoroughly water your bulbs after initial planting. Bulbs are pretty self-sufficient from then on as they store thier own water.
  5. Planting - The pointed end of the bulb should always face up. Often, the old roots are visible on the bottom end of the bulbs and these always go down. Some bubls are hard to distinguish the top from the bottom and you can always plant them sideways. Daffodil bulbs are pretty easy to decipher.
  6. Mulch - A 2 to 3-inch layer of mulch will help hold moisture in the soil enhancing the performance of your bulbs. It will also help the soil to maintain a consistant temperature through winter.
  7. When to Plant - Plant these bulbs in September, October and November. They should be in the ground by Thanksgiving. Blooms will appear mid-spring.

Bring on the Bulbs


Bring on the bulbs! Spring color starts now - yep in the fall. With just a little planning, you can time your bulb blooms for continuous color from late winter to late spring. We recommend planting bulbs before frost sets in, which is typically around October 14 or 15… so now is the perfect time.

Be sure to follow the specific planting instructions included with each variety and pay particular attention to planting depths. Select these spring bloomers for constant color in your garden February through May:

Crocuses (bloom February to March)
These hardy perennials can be planted anywhere you want early spring color. As with most hardy bulbs, they bloom in full sun, but prefer a bit of shade of longer lasting blooms.

Tulips (bloom late March to early May)
Tulips are one of the most popular spring flowering bulbs. For maximum impact, plant tulips in groups of at least 10 or more. They make excellent cut flowers and usually last about a week in a vase. Plant tulips in full sun with a minimum of eight hours and well-drained soil.

Daffodils (bloom late March to late April)
Daffodils (also called Narcissus or Jonquils) are easy to grow, extremely hardy, come back every year, and are rodent and deer resistant. They look beautiful planted in woodland settings, formal bed or mixed with our bulbs and perennials. Daffodils grow best with a minimum of six hours of direct sun and well-drained soil.

Hyacinth (bloom late March to April)
A member of the Lily family, Hyacinths are both beautiful and fragrant and are available in a variety of colors. Perfect in rock gardens, containers, mass plantings, bed, and borders. Hyacinths will grow well in shade to full sun, but do best in bright sunlight in a well-drained area.

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Get This Look!


Who would have guessed it? The pumpkin shell isn’t just for peter, peter pumpkin eaters’ wife. Think outside of the box when decorating for fall this year. A hollowed out pumpkin makes a striking fall flower container. It’s a super quick and easy project that will add instant style to your home. Try grouping several arrangements together for a tablescape that is sure to impress. Use any size plant or pumpkin, but we recommend a medium-sized pumpkin in order to hold the arrangement snugly. We also recommend soaking your cut pumpkin in a quick bath of bleach before placing your plants there. This will prolong the pumpkin once it has been cut. You can add an empty can or jar inside of the cut pumpkin and add water for your arrangement. Next, take a trip through your yard in search of blooming flowers, foliage and branches. Once you collect your favorites, let the fun begin with arranging your cut treasures.

Try these plants from your own yard:

  • Zinnias
  • Ornamental Peppers
  • Ornamental Grasses
  • Pansies and Violas
  • Marigolds
  • Nandina Domestica (this shrub has great foliage and beautiful berries)
  • Flowering Trees & Shrubs
  • Optional: Add something vertical to add structure like twigs, sticks or or picks.

If you'd like your arrangement to stick around a bit longer, try potting rooted plants in the pumpkin using soil. Once the pumpkin is no longer fresh, simply pop your plants out and replace the pumpkin or simply use a pot. Try planting pansies, ornamental peppers, celosia, marigolds and succulents for a fresh fall look.

See more of our of our do-it-yourself ideas. GET THIS LOOK! >>

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Pansies for Every Taste

We have a pansy to compliment every taste. With so many colors and "flavors" to choose from, use this menu to select the perfect pansy for your decorating taste. And, don't forget, pansy flowers are even edible... although, we can't guarantee you'll want to eat these little beauties. But, you'll sure love looking at 'em!

Fizzy Frizzle Sizzle
A tantalizing bloom with ruffled edges in shades of blue, burgundy, and yellow. This unique, prolific bloomer will steal the show in any garden or container.

Fizzy Lemonberry
A frilly flower with lemony yellow blooms and ruffled berry-colored edges. A real show stopper by itself, or make a bold statement by pairing it with ornamental grass.

Blueberry Thrill
A berry perfect addition to any fall flower bed or container. This yellow or white flower etched in varying shades of blue will product tons of gorgeous blooms all season long.

Dynamite Strawberry
Scrumptious blooms that add a blast of vibrant summer like color to any deck or garden. Each bloom reveals its own unique pattern making them spectacular.

Matrix Sangria
This cool season thriver will remind you of a refreshing summertime treat. With deep, rich burgundy blooms this pansy is sure to steal the spotlight.

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A New Twist on an Old Favorite.


Pansies are one of the most popular fall and winter flowers. The name pansy is derived from the French word, pensée, meaning "thought", as the flower was regarded as a symbol of remembrance. Pansies are available in a huge array of colors, patterns and sizes. The best thing about these tough little beauties is that they'll keep their blooms all through winter and even give you an early spring show!

On of our favorite pansies this season is the Coolwave Blueberry Swirl. As its name suggests, this variety features beautiful swirls of blues, purples, lavenders and bright yellows. The cool wave series offers a trailing habit that makes it an excellent choice for containers, baskets and window boxes. With medium-size blooms, this cascading pansy will bounce back from rainy weather and fill your garden or patio with beautiful blooms throughout fall, winter and into spring.

Plant pansies in sun and feed regularly to promote lush, vigorous growth and continues blooming -- we recommend feeding your pansies with McDonald Greenleaf Fertilizer.

5 Reasons Why Fall is the Best

We all love fall! Here's five reasons why we think this season is so special.

  1. Pansies and Violas. These quintessential fall and winter flowers brings the blooms from fall through early spring. Available in a multitude of shapes and sizes, pansies and violas are the perfect fall flower. Pansies offer a medium to large size bloom and will keep performing adding a burst of color when you need it. These tough little beauties pack a punch. Violas are the petite cousins of the pansy and are tougher in the face of cold and heat. No garden should be without them. The smaller flower will bloom all through the fall and winter. Because they are low growing plants, they are an excellent choice as flower bed borders. They are also perfect in seasonal pots and window boxes.
  2. Pumpkins and Gourds. From mini to large, to Cinderella pumpkins and apple gourds these fall favorites just scream fall. Whether you use them indoors or outdoors, pumpkins and gourds are a sure bet for fall decorating. Not just in the color orange, pumpkins and gourds can be anything from white, to green to even speckled.
  3. Jewel-tone Colors. These colors create the warm and cozy atmosphere in fall. From the bright red leaves to the bright purple mums, these saturated hues create the ambience of the season. Dynamic and bold, there is a place in every home for these colors. Choose from the deep purple amethyst mums to ruby red pansies, and you can experiment with pops of intense fall color.
  4. Halloween Décor. Spooky skeletons, whimsical pumpkins, lanterns and more set the stage for your trick-or-treaters. Decorating with the orange and the black, inside and out will add a festive fall flair to your home décor. It is simple just add a few Halloween touches and you can bring the spirit of fall alive.
  5. The Great Outdoors. Warm days and chilly nights, make being outdoors during the fall a must. Warm up by a fire pit or chimaneas or simply string festival lights to create cozy ambience. Whether you’re entertaining friends or just family, wearing a sweater and roasting marshmallows sets the stage for a perfect crisp autumn evening. Fire up the grill and enjoy an afternoon of football and fun.

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