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8 Fall Plants We Love

Fall is a great time to be in the garden and to spruce up those summer containers. And, there are lots of options this time of year from annuals, perennials and even fall flowering shrubs. Here's a few of our top picks for the season to use in the landscape and/or in seasonal containers. Get creative and incorporate these bold blooms into your fall decor.

  1. Autumn Sunset Encore Azalea
    Try the richly colored and deeply burnished red hues of Autumn Sunset. With a massive color display and compact growth habit, this shrub is a fitting choice for any location. Thanks to the long blooming season provided by Encore Azaleas, they are gorgeous from spring through fall, which makes them an ideal choice in landscapes or in containers for fall decorating.
  2. Songbird Red Kale
    Ornamental Kale is a perfect annual for fall and winter gardens and containers. The Songbird Red variety gives bright red double crowns and lush green leaves. Incorporate this cheerful ornamental plant into your garden and it will give you color and foliage even during the darkest months of the year. We adore this plant with pansies for a festive fall and winter look.
  3. Outrageous Orange Mum
    This bold and vibrant orange mum makes an excellent accent for fall decor both inside and out. Occasionally, pinch back the blooms to extend your color. A dependable bloomer in the all the colors of fall.
  4. Cool Wave Frost Pansy
    This vigorous spreading pansy offers superior hardiness. A great spiller in container combos and a fast-growing, high-impact groundcover. Easy-care, all season color – blooms hold up in rain and other inclement weather.White flowers develop a light blue “frost” from the edge as they mature. Cool temperatures enhance the color pattern.
  5. Plectranthus Mona Lavender
    A perfect annual for the fall garden, Plectranthus offers lavender blooms from late summer well into autumn. The ornamental foliage of deep green leaves with dark purple undersides compliment the oranges, yellows and reds of other fall favorites. The flower spikes have tubular lavender flowers that last for a long period of time, making deadheading almost unnecessary. Belonging to the mint family, this plant does not spread but forms a neat low, upright form. 'Mona Lavender' can be used in containers and bedding areas.
  6. Yellow Blotch Pansy
    The most popular of all the pansies sold! This traditional yellow pansy features a bright yellow flower that is visible from a distance. The deep burgundy face of this flower accents the yellow, making it even brighter in the landscape.
  7. Croton Petra
    Petra boasts large, showy oval leaves that are variegated with colors of deep green, yellow, red and orange. Whether grown indoors or out, crotons perform best in bright light. They will do fine in partial shade, but sunlight really brings out their truest colors. Their upright structure gives strong architectural elements and pairs well with other fall favorites. Perfect alone or use in a container.
  8. Silver King Hens & Chicks
    Among the easiest plants to grow, this unique perennial tolerates heat, drought and neglect with style. Hundreds of Hens & Chicks varieties exist and they form a low profile of fleshy, succulent leaves. Use in any garden or container. Silver King has silvery, mint green leaves with red-purple centers in cold weather. During the summer spikes with light pink flowers will appear.
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