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Get Focused

Creating a garden focal point with statuary really brings your garden into focus. What may start out as just a grouping of plants is given definition by adding a focal point. Visitors instantly know where to bring their attention. You may have heard this referred to as "directing the eye" or "giving the eye a place to rest". It's the same concept that we use when designing indoors. Objects of size or interest, like a fireplace, piano, armoire, painting or large screen TV, are positioned to be the first thing you notice in a room. The rest of the furniture and objects are used to balance and accent the focal point. This concept works in the landscape as well.

If you do choose to play with creating focus, the choice of garden focal points is limitless and adds a personal touch. Anything that offers interest through size, shape or color will serve as a focal point. You may have more luck if you look for objects you love and then find a place to put them, rather than hunting down the perfect piece to fill a void. Ideally, focal points should look like they have always been a part of a garden. This is not to say they need to be old, or distressed, just comfortable in their surroundings.

Picking out distinctive focal points for your garden is as simple as identifying the picture you want to paint. Embellish with an antique bench, painted flag motif or a bright umbrella. The rustic appeal of a wooden bench or Adirondack chair can instantly warm any space. If seclusion is what you seek, selectively place a couple of stepping stones - they’ll act as a secret invitation to a hidden nook in your garden. Or, welcome the neighborhood with a few intriguing pieces. Statues, sculptures and accent pieces always encourage conversation, and birdbaths, sundials and fountains can gracefully transform your yard into a haven of serenity or a lively celebration of whimsical art. There are so many ways to express your creativity out of doors. But, perhaps the most fun can be had in choosing and artfully placing sculpture, folk art and natural accents that reflect your very own spirit of place.

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